Guiding Principles

Unity Solutions: the faith-based, neighborhood-based, legal services solution.

Faith-based. We are guided by two principles: that God is the director of all things; and secondly that we are all equal as His servants, bound in duty and faith to pledge our talents to the service of our community.

We approach every issue from a holistic and prayerful perspective. 

We are not hammers in search of legal nails, but counselors regarding not only emergent issues, but also spiritual root causes.

Neighborhood-based. We work in collaboration with other established neighborhood-based community organizations to serve our Neighbors in Memphis, Tennessee. 

Together, we address the needs our Neighbors express, and to empower them with the knowledge and skills they need to avoid future roadblocks.

Legal services solution. We provide non-representational legal counsel and social justice education to our Neighbors. 

We help our Neighbors understand the problem, identify and prioritize solutions, and choose future options through wisdom and in strength.